My First Wedding as a Pro

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Lots of first for me in this forum, and especially this year. I did shoot a wedding a few years back for a friend ( ) but this is the first one where it was a big gig of my own.

There's a long back story as I had a head injury just a few days before this which I'm still recovering from a month later and all sorts of physical limitations I had to overcome but I made it work with the help of a great second shooter. These are all mine though and I'm focusing this selection on the reception since it was such an awesome time, I'll probably add a few more from the rest of the wedding in the future:

1) Ben_Emily_Previews-5-XL.jpg

2) Ben_Emily_Previews-11-XL.jpg

3) Ben_Emily_Previews-12-XL.jpg

4) Ben_Emily_Previews-13-XL.jpg

5) Ben_Emily_Previews-18-XL.jpg

6) Ben_Emily_Previews-20-XL.jpg

7) Ben_Emily_Previews-21-XL.jpg

8) Ben_Emily_Previews-22-XL.jpg

9) Ben_Emily_Previews-23-XL.jpg


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