A Few Big Cat Images from Kenya 2013

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When the weather turns cold and wet and nasty, I retreat to my Lightroom Catalog and wander about looking for files that I overlooked initially, or that I could not process very well when they were initially captured.

These are a few frames that I overlooked after our safari/workshop in Kenya 2013.

cheetah on top of the Land Cruiser my wife and I were in - the real issue was that it was way too close to focus with the 400mm lens I had been using. I had to slow my heart rate and breathing down enough to change a lens before I could begin shooting


A leopard way back in the shade, caught in Auto ISO at 12800. Image ruined by all the noise......

2 cheetahs on a termite mound in the late afternoon sun

Criticisms and comments heartily encouraged.. All three frames from a 1Dx
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