Customers says X photo is missing

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Hello dpreview members.

I wanted to ask you what do you do in cases a customer write backs to you and says that there is a photo missing.

"Hi X, it looks like that one of the shots is missing. My neighbor told me that remembers you shooting me there below that door kissing. Can you please send me this photo?"

How do you react into such arguments? From my side there might be many reasons I did not deliver a shot

-Does not fit my quality standards (as one dpreview member wrote me some time ago "they will always justify your level from your worst shot")

-Focus lock might have failed and the image is blurred

-There is something that looks terribly bad that I did not mention during that time. A pole getting out of the bride's head. Closed eyes. Bad facial expression

I am mostly afraid that if I try deliver this image we might end up in an endless loop of the client trying to find out what else is missing. I guess this case is not happening only with me. I shoot a lot since I that gives more latitude of selecting the best photos to deliver.

What will you do in that case. What will you reply back. How will you try from the first consultation to prevent such requests coming? Which are the areas I can improve?




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