Need help selling authentic angel photos

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Do you believe in angels?

I did, but until I was able to actually photograph them, I had no clue what they looked like. Through my photographs , anyone can see what they look like, And if my dreams are realized, my book will add to them, with stories as to what goes on, right in our midst, in whats termed to be the unseen spirit world.

Through my faith, iv'e been given a gift of discernment, to not only see at times, but to actually photograph angels, in many forms. I have seen and photographed way too many to count. I have seen and photographed them just about anywhere you can imagine, and believe me, they can look like just about anything you can imagine, and millions of ways you never could imagine.

I have studied and photographed them for just over the last year. I've given it my all in so many ways, but I'm to the point that I can't do it all. Its just too much for me, being one man.

I had no way of knowing I would be given this gift to photograph angels. I don't even know if Webster's dictionary has a term for such a thing. But here I am, and I'm all in, and crossed the point of no return. This is my passion in life, which allows others to see the spirit world with their own eyes. By doing so, it allows them to ponder their belief system. That above anything is why I do this, its not about money. If it was I wouldn't have spent my own to get to where I'm at, and a ton of it. To date I have yet to get in return one red cent. My funds are gone, I will be more able to continue my passion, if I can generate some, I am positive with someone willing to help, they can generate some too, as I believe not to many if anyone, has such a wide array of interesting photos.

Here's what I'm asking, I'm new at photography with not much skill to speak of. I need desperately someone knowledgeable in photo editing and setting up a SmugMug site. I have generated a lot of interest on Google plus and would work till my bones are raw to generate the interest, in selling some of the images I have. If your knowledgeable in such , consider working something out with me on the proceeds. I have plenty to start with, and with the proper knowledge and equipment, the sky is the limit. Last time I checked, this ability is still with me, has been for the full entire last year.

You can are some of my photos on Google plus,

Thank you, Kenneth Barron [email protected]
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