need help accessing Markdown

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Hi support!

I'm not able to use Markdown to format text or post images. I've seen screen shots of the editor icons, but they do not appear on any new discussion editor I open. I am able to type text into the body box, but without formatting, and nothing I've tried will display images in my post. Even raw HTML simply displays as text if it displays at all. How do I get access to Markdown? Is there a setting somewhere I need to change? I've searched my profile, but can't find anything to set or unset that seems relevant.

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    Nothing to change on your end. New forum members have limited posting and editing abilities for a time. The reason is to limit rogue trolls and would-be spammers from posting undesirable content right from the get go. I have no doubt that your membership here is real. Your user status will change after a certain number of posts, though I can't tell you what that number is, but it won't take too long. Sorry for being somewhat vague about this.

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    OK. Post. :-)
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