Question about Lightroom Creative Cloud sync workflow

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Apologies if this has been covered elsewhere, but I've not had much luck in finding an answer. :)

Here is the workflow I want to achieve:

Basically: Capture the image, transfer the raw file to my iPad, do some minor edits/culling/keywording/etc on the iPad, have the image sync to my desktop via creative cloud, do final edits, and finally publish the results. As a secondary workflow, do final edits on the iPad and publish directly from there; with all that synced up with the desktop as well.

Can anyone elaborate as to your experience with the Lightroom CC synchronization process from iPad to desktop? Does the sync process consume any of the storage limit (only 2 GB for phototraphy subscription)? After the photos sync, can I remove them from iPad without them being removed from my desktop? Where (on my desktop) would the sync'd images be stored (is this configurable?)

Any details are greatly appreciated. :)


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    I generally avoid the mobile app, but use Lightroom itself heavily. The one thing I would add to your question's context is one of volume. Raw images from a lot of current cameras are quite large, and especially if doing event photography one could be shooting hundreds of shots an hour. A lot of the current systems just cannot handle the volume if the goal is to cull after transfer. Now certainly other photography, especially requiring staging and prep so the volume is low over time, would work great. The bottleneck might variously be in the wifi/bluetooth/cellular for the transfer or the mobile device speed, but I have yet to see one that isn't dirt slow. And I've looked a bit, as a school I shoot for keeps asking.

    If speed is the goal, I find that going to a card reader and a tablet or laptop, culling with Photo Mechanic (MUCH, MUCH faster than Lightroom), cropping (could do keywords and captions there) in Photo Mechanic, then import only the 5-10% or so I keep to Lightroom, and touchup there works very well. I realize that is not what you asked, just mentioning it in the FWIW department.

    Now quite a few people I've seen are shooting raw + jpg, and letting the jpg's flow out faster to time sensitive needs, to follow if needed by careful edits of the raw. I've never tried it.

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