IMG Tags gone?

FoquesFoques He who caNStreamwood, ILRegistered Users Posts: 1,951 Major grins

Am I not understanding the new set up (which i'm REALLY not a fan of, btw) or are the IMG tags are gone now, and I have to use a different code if i'm posting images?

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  • BenBen SmugMug VP of Operations Vanilla Admin Posts: 513 SmugMug Employee

    Hey @Foques, with the switch to Vanilla we've moved to using Markdown as it is a far more universal formatting method than the bbCode the old version used (which was just used for a few old types of forum software).

    There are two relatively easy ways to include an image in your post. The easiest by far is to use the button right above the text box.

    The slightly less obvious method is to use Markdown to format your message and include the image. You can see a great cheatsheet here:
    Markdown cheat sheet

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  • FoquesFoques He who caN Streamwood, ILRegistered Users Posts: 1,951 Major grins

    That stinks.
    neither of the ways is really usable to me as I drop same posts over the variety of forums.. and Dgrin is the only board that will require me to rewrite the entire code.

    This doesn't look like a great feature to me. Not only is looking less professional / convenient to navigate, but the posting is now also an issue. I thought goal of this change was to bring more users in, not drive them away.

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