My First Engagement Shoot

TMcEwenTMcEwen Registered Users Posts: 107 Major grins

I had a couple contact me about doing their engagement photos. Living here in Nashville everyone wants the barn or farm photos but they had asked for something more urban. I have always wanted to try this shot on Broadway in downtown Nashville. I wished it would have been closer to sunset so the neon signs were brighter but it was hard enough stopping traffic.

- Thomas McEwen - (Nashville, TN)


  • HackboneHackbone Registered Users Posts: 4,027 Major grins

    Great idea but it was stated as an engagement shot and I see downtown Nashville. I wish the same framing of downtown but the couple closer to the camera for an engagement shot.

  • halconhalcon Registered Users Posts: 150 Major grins

    Yikes and the light was green!

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