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Since SmugMug doesn't have the ability to watermark a video file, I wanted to find out the degree of 'protection' by only offering a small size - say, .7MP.

I want to upload video files but I don't necessarily want to take all of these into Premiere Pro to add a watermark, then export and upload to my site.

If I put up a small size of this, it's not terribly usable for most, I'm thinking. Will this be decent protection for people using video capture apps to download video? Is the size I limit this to the largest they can capture?

Trying to figure out some logistics as I work out a small stock footage library that I can upload direct from Lightroom vs Lightroom, export, Premiere Pro, export, upload ... while protecting my files as much as possible and, also providing reference if they are downloaded to know where they originated.

If you have any alternative perspective, I'd be glad to hear it.


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    Hi Jay_Z,

    Changing the maximum display size under PHOTO PROTECTION will not limit the display size they can view. I know you didn't specifically ask that but I wanted to mention it just in case I misunderstood your question in anyway. So, now to what you actually asked - if you only upload a small version of your video we won't have access to a larger version and we will not be able to provide a larger version so, only that small version will be visible and able to be captured. If you're planning to sell video downloads we can only sell up to the size you've uploaded.

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