Shooting for a good cause. Jpeg and White Balance considerations

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Hello lovely community,
tomorrow I have volunteered to shoot for a good cause. I will be shooting at a room that has lighting fixtures at the middle area and window light at the sides (big ligh sources).
I will be shooting quite many people and I will need to distribute the shots back. I will be using my nikon d750 and for flexibilty my 24-85 kit zoom lens perhaps close to wide open (if not stopped down a bit).
I also have three primes, the 35G, the 50D and the 85G although I think that the 24-85 will be better for that occassion.
I will be shooting RAW And jpeg but ideally I would like to distribute directly the jpegs from camera and not do post processing (so white balance and lighting conditions are critical). I know this is not the easiest case so I am trying to find the right compromise.
The white balance of the room is a bit tough. The room at the middle has a roof that is from wood and thus you can not really bounce flash there, that wooden area has the typical lighting setups with orange and green color casts.

At the sides there are big windows where light is coming from outside (since Germany is rather dull I would expect shadow WB-setting type of light).

Since I will be moving and shooting around I d not think I have any chance with gels nor with bouncing light (especially given the number of photos I will have to distribute).
I am thinking for a setup where background will be underexposed at around -1 to keep the temperature light with small effect and then have a fill light at camera axis hitting directly my subjects. Perhaps I can diffuse this light slightly with a tiny softbox on camera.
Do you think that there is something I miss here or something you would approach differently?
An Image of the room at the middle where the wood at the roof is visible (window light is 3 meters to left and right but I will be going there as well)

Regards thanks a lot for reading


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    I don't understand. You mention gels and bouncing light, but you do not mention if you are using a flash or other lights for this shoot. I assume you are not going to use your small pop up flash on you D750.

    I would shoot this with my SB900 on a flash bracket. The out of camera JPG files should look pretty good with no worries about white balance.

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    Do a custom white balance with a grey card with what ever light source you start with, and any time it changes if you don't want to do any post processing.

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    Gary752Gary752 Registered Users Posts: 934 Major grins

    Looking closer at the image you provided, it appears the walls look white or close to it. I would place a flash on both sides and angle them to bounce the flash on a 45 degree angle back to them. If you try and bounce off the ceiling you'd get raccoon eyes. Don't forget to do a custom white balance.

    “The single most important component of a camera is the twelve inches behind it!” - Ansel Adams
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