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Looking to buy my first filter set, looked around a little and it becomes quite a bit of a headache. I was thinking along the lines of narrowing down to
1. Haida 150 Series or Lee SW 150 Series due mainly to use on my Tamron 15-30
2. Haida ND 3.0 /Lee Big Stopper
3. Grad ND. but strengths and gradation? Now their is the rub.... I was leaning towards .6 (2 stops) soft.
4. C-Pol
5. Couple of Step up rings

Any thoughts guys? Lee or Haida or somebody else? Will be shooting seascapes and African landscapes mostly

Thanks as always



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    I use Lee 100x150mm filters in a standard 3 slot holder. I have both hard and soft grad ND sets, 0.3 (1 stop), 0.6 (2 stops), and 0.9 (3 stops). I find the hard edge filters more generally useful, especially with wide angle lenses that make most horizons somewhat straight. The soft grads are useful when there is a lot of relief on the horizon, but even then I tend to use the hard grads more frequently, angled to achieve the best results. I also have a Big Stopper for long exposures. I'm very happy with the quality and durability of Lee filters (carry them all in a padded filter flip file for safety). Their prices are steep, but the filters should last me a lifetime.

    --Mike C.

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