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Hi everybody. I've been using smugmug for a while and now I have decided to rebuild my web site from the scratch using multi language approach.
I believe , that since smugmug has no logical multilanguage support, my nav bar menus will differ from language to language and therefore will not be site wide.
For this reason I will have to create a page with the menus and to duplicate it through the current language pages in order to edit single one of them.
As a matter of fact in order to achieve 3 language web site on smugmug I need to be able to duplicate my pages.
I have found and voted for this feature request. This will drive me crazy to write the smugmug team to copy the page for me every time I need through the development process.
Is there any way to be able to duplicate the pages by myself ? Copy and past the menu would be through the pages might be helpful as well.
Maybe a browser development tools or any other tool I am not familiar with ?
I have found the following web site : . The photographer has done that for 2 languages. I need to make it for 3.


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