Salton Sea, California.

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In June, 2016 I took a short road trip through the southern California desert. Among other places, I visited the Salton Sea. These are some of the photos from that visit.

#1. The Salton Sea. The hypersaline water is denser than freshwater, so much so that small white bubbles become trapped beneath the surface tension, making the water appear almost gelatinous.

#2. The beach is composed of the bones and other hard bits from zillions of fish and other aquatic animals.

#3. A heron wading in the Salton Sea. There were lots of herons nearby.

#4. Can you spot the heron in this photo?

#5. This one is a little more obvious.

#6. A palm tree beside the Salton Sea.

#7. One last heron photo in the Salton Sea, California. June 2016.

There are more images from this road trip in my SmugMug galleries at https://mcamann.smugmug.com. I hope you enjoy these! Any comments welcome!

--Mike C.

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