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Hi - curious as to what some popular alternatives might be to Adobe Lightroom.
Adobe has me a bit turned off by the whole concept that I will need to pay on a continual basis, much like my electric bill; and I'm not interested in having
all my photo work be cloud based. I'm happy to pay for a program. Once. Not once a month or once a year.

I have been holding on to using Apple Aperture for photo editing and file management. I find it works well, easy to get fairly decent results with
the minor tweaks I make. Honestly I don't care to do allot of editing after I take the picture... but sometimes need to crop or make minor adjustments.
For me if the image isn't that good to start with I'm more apt to delete it rather than spend much time at the computer.

The other factor is that photography in general isn't as big of a hobby for me as it was a few years ago. For a while I was shooting several times a week and always
had something photographic going on. Other interests have taken priority, and in all reality it might be 2-3 months between when I go to use the software, depending
on what I have going on. That being said; Apple photo is far to limited. Why Apple killed Aperture is beyond comprehension but that's a whole separate topic.

Today I opened Aperture to download about 40 images I took on a job from my phone, I new I would need to sort and organize....Aperture was blank.
All my galleries, folders etc. 7 years of photo work vanished. Somehow it "migrated" to Photo....but I cant find it them in Photo.
I was able to get them back in Aperture after doing some digging, however it was a wake up call and I know I need to do something.

thanks much



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    You don't have to do the Cloud based thing to use Lightroom or have a tablet/iPad. I have used LR since Beta 1. I am using LR 6.61 but as a single download. If all you want to do is store your images and do adjustments, you don't need to use the rest.

    There is also ON1s raw software, never used it. but it is another alternative, it seems.


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    Thanks, I was just actually reading about LightRoom a bit more. I was under the impression that you were forced to use the Creative Cloud & the $120/year bit (10/month).
    I can swallow a one time pill of $150. allot easier than 10 dollars a month for something I might not use at all for months a time.
    Maybe I'll download the free trial and give it a whirl.
    Have also been reading about this Open Source program Darktable. seems interesting.

    May try that also, the price is right, but it might have some limiting factors; might be worth checking out.

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    I had high hopes for OnOne Photo RAW (and even pre-ordered). After the reviews, it seems as though the release may have been rushed and the program needs work before I install it on my computer.
    I don't know very much about "Affinity Photo" - just released ... but I'm reading quite a few positive reviews.
    It appears to be easy to use - no subscription, not a Photoshop replacement but appears to be an alternative worth looking into?

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    I just got on the forum to ask the same question, and here it already was. I think LR is what I need, but before springing for $150, I figured I ought to at least see if there are any alternatives worth considering.

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    Try the free download for thirty days. Then by a license if you like it. Best way to find out about the software and see if it works for you.


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    I am both On 1 and affinity. Affinity is more like a Photoshop software so I use it for extra things. It doesn't cost much so I don't mind it not being my main program to use for photos. On 1 has a lot of bugs still yet. But it's interface is powerful and easy to use. They will have an update to address some bug issues this month. If they iron things out it will be comparable to the big three. I also use LR 6 but will not subscribe to CC.

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    I've used Lightroom since version 1 and more often than not love it. However, like every other piece of software I've ever used it's not perfect. And like any other piece of software the more time you spend learning how it works and developing a system that suits your needs the happier you'll be with it. As a non-professional photographer with a catalog of about 50,000 photos I use it for about 95% of all my photo work. I happily pay my 12 Euros a month to have a constantly up-to-date piece of software and a full Photoshop as well. I mean, what a deal!

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    I agree It is simply the best piece of software for many reasons.. It is your darkroom from RAW to jpegs. And you can tether with presets nicely.
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    Because I'm not a professional (i.e.: not making a sufficient salary from my photography), I'm still avoiding Lightroom.
    I've been using different alternatives but the disadvantage to that is that it takes quite a lot of free software to provide the all-inclusive service that Lightroom does.
    However, here is my personal solution to date, perhaps you'll find it of use:

    • photo editing software is the easiest to find. There's tonnes of guides - I am currently using GIMP.
    • Raw image processing I use Raw Therapee.
    • I use Phototecha for photo management, but again, there are loads!

    Hope this helps somehow! :)

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