Mini-Challenge 239: your best of 2016 RESULTS

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Thanks for entering. To be fair I had expected some more participation because everybody who took a picture of any subject in 2016 could have entered. But apparently people had difficulty selecting what they thought was worthy enough of what is called "best"
But I liked all the entries made and there were several pictures in there that fully deserve the title "best of".
To mention a few:

Travelways, "Backyard Gems" is gorgeous, light, colour, composition and the general run down state of the yard all fit together very well
Cavalier, two very nice bird pictures but the two young happy ladies with their contagious smiles on their day outing with the horses is fantastic.
sarasphotos, lovely rose, I can smell it off my screen ;). I think that one is the best of a strong set of three, so I wonder what other gems are still waiting on your hard drive
DonRicklin, The first and third take the cake, especially the third for the nice light and colour. Maybe a perspective correction on the third would make it even stronger.
JAG, thanks for the video, my wife and I are going to the north of Norway early March and we hope to see similar nice views of the Aurora Borealis there
GrandmaR, I always enjoy your travels and the pictures you bring home. The aerial view of London is my favourite from these three. Did you take it from a helicopter or airplane?
sapphire73, I envy your current trip in Australia as well as you "normal" USA habitat. A strong set and especially in #3 you captured a magnificent scene

Indeed judging was hard due to very different subject matter, but I knew that before I started.

Here's what I came up with as personal favourites:

HM: Travelways, Backyard gems in Wild West Arizona
3rd place: sapphire73: Grand Canyon
2nd place: sarasphotos: Orange rose in half-shadow

And the 1st place and winner is the picture that made me smile every time I looked at it:

And another type of animal and their human Dressage Riders

Congrats Jo, and looking forward to what you have to offer as the next challenge.

Pieter, aka pegelli
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    Congratulations - Great photo Jo.

    I think one of the problems people had was that the Forum software changed and people (like me) were still finding their way around the Forum and did not see the new Challenge. I didn't see it either until close to the end. Also I think people may have been traveling during this time.

    And I took the photo from a regular British Airways plane which was coming from Amsterdam to Heathrow - I just cropped it in so you could see it better. I have a whole series of pictures from this flight and it is one of my favorites.

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    Thank you for the double mention. The first was actually a cell phone Instagram shot. The third part of a set of Found and Lost images.

    Congratulations to JO for the wonderful winning image.


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  • denisegoldbergdenisegoldberg Major grins North Andover, MAPosts: 11,483Super Moderators moderator

    @pegelli said:
    And the 1st place and winner is the picture that made me smile every time I looked at it:

    Congrats Jo, and looking forward to what you have to offer as the next challenge.

    Congrats @Cavalier - I love this image!

  • CavalierCavalier Life is a Bokeh Foresthill, CaliforniaPosts: 1,805Registered Users Major grins

    Thanks Pieter! The girls were having so much fun posing with their horses, they made everyone smile! I am currently battling the dreaded flu that is going around, but I'll have something up tomorrow for the next challenge.

    Congratulations to everyone for some wonderful entries.

  • JAGJAG Photomaniac Wasilla, AKPosts: 5,683Super Moderators moderator

    Congratulations Jo!

    @pegelli , don't forget to take your camera tripod too for your trip! Auroras are not easy to capture. I'm sure there are great tutorials out there in computerland, but I had to try the hard way my first few times out. I need to take some time and get some pointers, but I am pretty happy that I got what I did out my front door, even if I froze with my pj's on! Enjoy Norway!

  • sapphire73sapphire73 Major grins PennsylvaniaPosts: 1,651Registered Users Major grins

    Congratulations, Jo! Great photo! Congrats to Sara and Tatiana as well. And thank you, Pieter, for a fun challenge and the third place nod to my photo of the Grand Canyon.

    I enjoyed seeing all of the entries.

  • travelwaystravelways Candid Grinner Ottawa, CanadaPosts: 7,851Registered Users Major grins

    Congratulations Jo and the other winners!
    Thanks for the hm too :)

    Tatiana - Seeing the world through my camera ...... Facebook
  • sarasphotossarasphotos Major grins Augsburg, GermanyPosts: 1,857Registered Users Major grins

    Jo, congrats on the win - I love that shot! Thanks, Pieter for the 2nd place and congrats also to Tatiana.

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