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I'm taking a different approach with my print offerings, and would like to do 2 things - but haven't found how:

1) Limit the choice of print products to just one or two curated items per photo in a gallery. Basically I will pick the best frame or mounting option to complement the photo and then offer it in two sizes - a smaller print at a lower price point and a larger print at a higher price point.

2) I'd like to deep link to the print product from an outside page. I operate an instagram account that is the leading driver of traffic to images. I'd like to be able to update my instagram profile with a deep link direct to the product purchase configuration that I've selected (for example, an 8x10 print in a specific frame). Ideally there is nothing for the customer to do - no sizing, no cropping, no finish selections - just pick one and purchase.

Does anyone know if this is possible? Is anyone else doing anything similar?

Thank you!


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    You can set up a price list that contains only 2 products / sizes.

    Are you planning to offer all photos in a gallery at the same price / size, or is each photo different? If they will all be the same price / size than you will just need to apply the pricelist to the gallery. If each photo is to be offered at a different price / size (as compared to the others in the gallery) then you will need separate pricelists and you will need to apply the pricelists to specific photos.

    See the help page Set up photo pricing for sales.

    Note that to verify the prices are set up as you desire you will need to look at your site from a browser where you are not logged in to your smugmug site. When you are logged in you will see owner prices for all products, not just the ones you specified in the price list.

    You can link to the print product by selecting the CART tab on the share dialog.

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