Maternity silhouette - HELP NEEDED with lighting set up

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Hi all,
I'm new here, but heard great stuff about this forum.
So I thought I will ask for some help and advice here.
I have a Lady coming for a maternity shoot tomorrow morning and would love to do a silhouette like on attached photos.
But I have no idea as where to start with the light.
I usually use my Elinchrome d-lite with my 6ft umbrella, but have a feeling I need to use speed light with this one.
If someone could advise I would be massively grateful. Or if someone has a pullback that would be even better.


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    Cygnus StudiosCygnus Studios Registered Users Posts: 2,294 Major grins

    The absolute simplest way to do this would be to have a black background about 5 or 6 feet wide. Place your lights on either edge slightly behind the background, facing at a 45 degree angle outwards and bounce the light off of the walls or reflectors to simply give that nice sharp line across the body.

    Depending on her skin tone, you can bring the lights out from the background or push them in further. Skin is much more reflective than most think, so watch for light spill.


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    FoquesFoques Registered Users Posts: 1,951 Major grins

    What modifiers do you have available?
    from the samples, it looks like a gridded light was shot from each side of the subject.

    If I was to approach this, I would use gridded strip lights on each side, and feather them.

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    kdogkdog Administrators Posts: 11,681 moderator
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    @Foques said:
    If I was to approach this, I would use gridded strip lights on each side, and feather them.

    That is precisely what I did here.

    The gridded strips were actually positioned behind and on either side of the subject facing each other which enhances the feathering. You'll need to play with the angles a bit to get the effect you need. It's pretty precise business.

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