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Hello experts!
I am seriously thinking of using the snugmug Power plan to store and showcase my fifteen years of digital family photos and have started with the 14 days trial period.
I have done some testing and very easily made a nice webpage. :)
Now I am hitting the upload problem!
What is the best way to upload my hundreds of nicely separated and named folders directly into galleries (without having to do and rename each one by hand)?
I have not found an easy answer and it is obviously a make-or-brake issue for me!
My photos are currently all in mac iphoto events (which I can easily make into regular folders).
Any help and suggestion is appreciated.
Thank you, Antonella


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    Welcome to SmugMug Antonella! This is something that we'd love to have a solution for, but currently you can only create one gallery at a time. Some of our third party integrations have some solutions - for example, you can check out PicBackMan at https://www.picbackman.com/. Stay tuned for a built in SmugMug solution.

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