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I have a text block on a page on my SM site and I want to put a link in the text to a page on my site; but no matter what I put in I can't get the link to find the page.

Ideally I want to do a relative link to pages contained in the folder that has been customised to add a text block. So the folder in Blog and the page is 20161204-Title, I assumed the link would be just 20161204-Title, I even tried going back to the root and using \20161204-Title, but that doesn't work either. Any ideas how I do this without having to use the complete site URL (which works) as I don't want to hard-code the domain name in the links ?

I expect I am just doing something wrong; so appreciate help



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    I just experimented with links in a text block and I'm seeing the same thing you are. It does not seem to understand the concept of a relative link. If I specify /Kaleidoscope the URL that is generated is http://kaleidoscope which is incorrect.

    You can use relative links in HTML content blocks. For example, I have these links in the HTML block on my Kaleidoscope page, and both successfully open the desired page:

    Click to jump to <a href="/Recent-photos/n-WKqnh"><b>recent photos</b></a> or <a href="/popular"><b>popular photos</b></a>.

    If you want to use a relative link you could use an HTML content block instead of a text content block.

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    Hmm, good thinking - I will change to use HTML blocks instead of text. I bug I would have thought - or is it a feature :smiley:



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