Relative Links in Text Block

PhilCorleyPhotoPhilCorleyPhoto Registered Users Posts: 107 Major grins

I think this is a bug....

It is not possible to add a link into a text block and make it "relative" (as you can do with the HTML block).

For example; I should be able to add the link to a page on the site, by simply putting the link in as (e.g.,) /Blog/2017-02-03-The-Hunt - which would go to the Blog folder and then that page specified. What I want to avoid is having to set all the links with the domain, so whilst http://philcorley.smugmug.com/Blog/2017-02-03-The-Hunt works, its not relative and when I redirect my domain name, I will have to update all the links :-(

Any chance of a fix?




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