Mini-challenge 241 - Movement and flow. RESULTS

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Joyce although I know your entries can’t be considered, they are spot on, the blades of grass and Disney World at night are great.
Grandma your dancer picture is exactly the type of picture for this challenge, great movement.
Pieter, great movement in your series, my favorite is the Antwerp runners.
Tatiana, the jellyfish and the Mexican dancer are very good, although with the Mexican dancer I would have preferred a slightly higher shutter speed to capture more detail.
Jeromy your cityscape is wonderful.

And the winners are:

Third place
Sapphire73- Spring shot. Nice camera movement, it gives the photo an impressionistic style

Second place
Sara – The anvil. I like that the anvil is in focus and all the movement is in the hand and hammer.

First place
Cavalier – Ghost in the blacksmith shop. Amazing shot, great detail in every element of the shop. The blacksmith’s motion shows very well how busy the place is. Great color saturation and post-processing too. Congratulations!


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