Gallery migration from Zenfolio?

SuzPhotosSuzPhotos Registered Users Posts: 67 Big grins

I'm ready to migrate my account from Zenfolio to SmugMug. I have the instruction on how to do that but my question is, do I have to move each gallery individually? Or will SmugMug recognize the galleries as I'm moving everything over?


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    leftquarkleftquark Registered Users, Retired Mod Posts: 3,784 Many Grins

    If you're using SmuggLr, it should grab all your galleries

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    Art ScottArt Scott Registered Users Posts: 8,959 Major grins

    How do you find the failed to migrate files???

    this app should give a record of what it is not able to move or there needs to be warning to only migrate a few categories and galleries at one type so if there are files that failed to migrate you know immediately which one to download back to your hardrive. :(:(:(

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