Strange photo print deterioration over time

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I've bought a few giclee prints that my wife and I have both managed to agree on.

Over the past few years, they've been deteriorating badly, with spots appearing and, one one, a big strip running from top to bottom down the print. Obviously (?) they're trash at this point, but I really don't understand what's happened here. Any suggestions as to why this might have taken place? Is the only lesson to be had not to spend good money on giclee?

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    Contact the printer who made these. They will probably want to see the prints themselves. Most reputable printers will try to make it right, but it may be prorated against the time since originally printed. (You may still have to pay some, possibly most, of any replacement costs.)

    High humidity is a guess as to a possible root cause of the visible blemishes. (Mold, mildew, fungus.)

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    Thanks, Ziggy. I'll have to ask my auxiliary memory (wife) where we got them. The seascape was purchased in Ludington, MI. The other I'm not sure about.

    Edit: We do live at the beach, but that deterioration seems penal.

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