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markaphotomarkaphoto Registered Users Posts: 17 Big grins

Hi - I was sent here by Steve the friendly SmugMug Hero. He thought someone here may have delt with what I want to do already.

All my galleries are setup as SmugMug. What I want to do is change the large image on the right. I want two thumbnails under the large image the user can choose back and forth from. One of the thumbnails will be the image itself, and the other would be a scene created image showing the print on a wall. Has anyone done this modification yet? Not sure where to start.

Thanks for whatever help you can give me.


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    markaphotomarkaphoto Registered Users Posts: 17 Big grins
    That's a bummer. How about a adding a button that says something like 'View Installation' and that opens lightbox which shows alternate image with the pic mounted on wall or framed. And still have a Buy button for the actual picture? That sounds like a lot doesn't it?
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    pilotdavepilotdave Registered Users Posts: 785 Major grins

    I think it's likely possible to do using html in your caption fields. It'll be quite a bit of work and not as smooth as you'd like, but I'd upload the installation photos to another gallery, then write some html to show a thumbnail of it in the caption of the main photo with a link that opens the installation photo directly in a new window. All of that SHOULD be possible... Until smugmug decides not to allow html in captions. Might look odd in the lightbox view because some html seems to get stripped.


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