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romanwheatromanwheat paRegistered Users Posts: 3 Big grins
Hello, I need help with customizing the front page of my website. I followed a past tutorial and was able to use CSS to create the full screen mode. Unfortunately, It looks like it needs to be smaller, the pictures are not loading fast enough and it looks horrible on mobile . Please someone assist me as I am new to this. www.sweettoothclr.com .


  • denisegoldbergdenisegoldberg Major grins North Andover, MASuper Moderators Posts: 13,064 moderator

    Are you using the background slideshow? Have you changed the playback and transition speeds?

    I'm a bit surprised to see two competing slideshows on your homepage as well as text that is sitting on top of a moving photo. The text is extremely difficult to read since it is competing with the slideshow. And why two slideshows? I'd recommend stepping back and redesigning your homepage. Keep it simple.

  • romanwheatromanwheat paRegistered Users Posts: 3 Big grins
    Thank you for that information. I guess i was using information from years past . I see there is a much easier way to get a full size screen one. I fixed the site to simple now. Thanks
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