Dgrin and SmugMug are very slow!

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I know I have a very bad and slow internet connection, and this is mostly every day after 8-9 o'clock in the morning.

Before this time I am able to download/upload photos from my galleries, see what others have posted on Dgrin and post links, etc.

After the time I mentioned, it's over. I made a total mess the other day in the "Alphabet" challenge because I simply couldn't see what has been posted before...

Surprisingly, I am able to work on picmonkey, zazzle or finearamerica, which are sites using a lot of images and features that normally would be slow down a lot the working process - they DON'T.

  • Unfortunately, I can only work with images that I have previously downloaded to my desktop or, go to my external hard drives, which is time consuming...

I'm not able to download my images from the smugmug gallery - I cannot even see them...

Is there something that can be done?


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