Stacked Hellebore

macromeistermacromeister SMUG anarchist!West WalesPosts: 490Registered Users Major grins

Picked from the garden today. Stacked in Helicon. 10 shots manually focused. Studio lighting.

Canon 5DM2, Canon 100mmL macro.

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  • Lord VetinariLord Vetinari Smugbug Posts: 15,106Registered Users Major grins
    edited February 20, 2017

    Beautiful flower stack. It's a shame these flowers are normally upside down on the plants.
    Brian v.

  • macromeistermacromeister SMUG anarchist! West WalesPosts: 490Registered Users Major grins

    Yes, Brian, they are difficult to shoot on the stem when growing. I just pick one (from the garden) and place it on a support indoors. I think they call that cheating... :)

    I'm Rob Ashcroft - MACROMEISTER IMAGES . . . .
  • Cygnus StudiosCygnus Studios Commercial Photographer San Francisco's North BayPosts: 2,294Registered Users Major grins

    Well shot. Have you tried rotating the shot to see if the impact is still there while still giving the impression it is still on the stem? Maybe not the full 180, but maybe a bit over 90 degrees.


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