Migration from Google Photos To SmugMug

Up_In_the_air_againUp_In_the_air_again Registered Users Posts: 1 Beginner grinner
Hello, I did an extensive search and am surprised this hasn't been asked before but what's the best way? I have all of the photos locally (~169 GB) but with the SM auto upload tool, I'll quickly hit the 5,000 image per limit restriction on galleries. Is there a way to upload them all at once and then organize later? Thanks!


  • denisegoldbergdenisegoldberg Administrators Posts: 14,197 moderator
    edited February 22, 2017

    As far as I know the limitation is on the number of photos in a gallery; it's not an upload tool limit.

    I would argue that attempting to manage a gallery containing that many photos would be extremely painful. I recommend splitting the photos into categories of some type on your local drive then uploading to a set of galleries where each gallery will have a manageable number of photos. As a viewer, I will not bother to look at a gallery with hundreds of photos let alone thousands.

    Do the photos span many years? Have you considered starting by uploading your most current photos, then tackling the older photos as you get your site set up?

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