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Hi Everyone,
I'm pondering how I might create a coupon that can be issued to a single customer that a.) limits it use to digital downloads only and b.) limits how many they can download.

For example coupon issued to Customer A that limits them to 25 digital downloads, coupon issued to Customer B that limits them to 100 downloads.

Anybody have any experience with this topic?



  • denisegoldbergdenisegoldberg Major grins North Andover, MASuper Moderators Posts: 13,564 moderator

    I don't believe it is possible to limit a coupon so that it can be used only for digital downloads.

    Coupon types can be seen on the help page Create and manage coupons. I think you can accomplish what you want by giving the customer a coupon for a print credit against a specific gallery or set of galleries. It's worth setting up a coupon and testing it yourself.

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    Yes, you can currently only restrict a coupon to a gallery, not individual products. With our Business plan you can however create different pricelists and set up a pricelist that only offers downloads to apply that to the client's gallery where you would also restrict your coupon to.

    For the print credit coupon, you have to keep in mind that it works like a gift card and while you don't have to pay for the coupon in in advance, you'll be charged for the base cost of the product and our portion of the profits for the products that are covered by the coupon. If you don't want that, you could instead look at the amount off coupon, where the coupon amount is taken off before the profits are calculated, but the coupon could be used again by the same customer unless you limit the number of uses.

    I hope this helps.

    SmugMug Support Hero
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