Poster Frame on Video without using Replace Preview?

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Is it possible to set a poster frame on a video without using the 'replace preview' option? I edit with Premiere Pro, upload with Lightroom and when I get to my SmugMug site - it's a blank looking gallery since the video has no poster frame. In Lightroom, I also selected 'Set Poster Frame' and used the Lightroom plugin to upload and nothing.

It just seems like this should be simpler than capturing a frame and then using the replace preview option. Maybe I'm missing a step ... or, maybe it's not possible. My explorer browser on my Mac shows a thumbnail/poster frame - Lightroom shows one but nothing but black on SmugMug.

It would be awesome if you could select 'Replace Preview' and instead of just uploading an image you could scrub to the frame or have a few random options (like YouTube, Vimeo, etc).

Any tips I'd appreciate it!


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    Hi there,
    To avoid blank video previews and having to manually use the replace preview tool (which is the only way to set your own video preview), check that you're not using fade in from white or black. Our system takes the video preview from the beginning of the video and if you're not using a fade in, you should have a proper video preview in place.

    If you'd like to see an easier way to pick a custom video preview in the future, you could consider checking out the SmugMug feedback page.
    There, you can vote and comment on existing suggestions or if you don't find what you're looking for, create your own. Our product management team is actively monitoring the suggestions made and takes them into account for future updates.

    I hope this helps.

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    Thanks Sebastian, it's a long process since my other request (watermarking video!) hasn't made it very far! I take a 10 second clip, for example, from a 60 second piece of footage and add my watermark in Premiere Pro - no fades (in or out) and then import this to Lightroom which I use to manage my media within SmugMug. I add to the SmugMug gallery and it ends up being a blank looking gallery since there are no thumbnails or poster frames on the video files. But again, in Explorer I see a thumbnail and in Lightroom I'll even select a poster frame and my Lightroom gallery shows thumbnails.

    I just wanted a simpler process than to then capture and upload a frame. Guess there is no simpler way.

    My logical feature suggestions have never climbed too far in my 10 years with SmugMug! I'll upload a frame or see if I can find another alternative for video. Appreciate the follow up on this.

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