First Time ND's

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Hey Guys

I mentioned a few weeks ago I was looking to purchase some filters to try out on some landscapes ie.. ND.s, 10 stop and hard and soft grad as well as polarising. Well went for Haida filters and here is my first result on a recent trip to Sri Lanka. Same shot, colour and B&W. Any constructive critique would be much appreciated.




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    I really like the color version, the b+w version is a touch high on the contrast for me though.

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    Superb! Both nice, but b&w rocks!

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    I'm not liking the B&W version, simply because it is almost only black, and white. It reminds me of the high contrast copy film I worked with back in the old days. I do like the color version. I think the comp might be improved a bit with a tighter crop, centered smack dab in the middle.

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    The color version is fine.

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    I love the Color version ;)

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    I agree on the color version. It's well composed and fine in all regards. The black and white version seems to have very high local contrast. You can get that with the structure tool in Silver Efex, among other ways, It ruins shots, in my view, and my view is just that.

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