Freedom 23 split

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I never do that type of image but the tree was at the right place... So there you have it!
Freedom is the type of apple and 23 is the aisle/row if I recall.


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    I am not understanding the reason for processing it this way. Could you elaborate on the "why" of this treatment?

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    Hello David,
    There is nothing to understand, you make of it what you please. But, if the image was used to sell something like, lets say PROZAC, then the reason for understanding would be there. As for the why? There is no answer; I do what the image inspires me to do. In this case, the tree/post in the middle made me do it ;^) This image is not part of any project so there is no conscious meaning to it. Here is another version in reverse with less aggressive PP.

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    The idea of an image half monochrome and half color offers possibilities - I think I remember some images from the thirties or forties like that, but I can't find them right now.

    I do have a question though about the processing of the non-color half of the images. The first has a strong yellow tone, and the second has a modest blue tone in the sky when I measure the pixels with a Digital Color Meter. Was that your intention? Or was your intention to create a true black and white image?

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    Yes the blue tone is intentional... I prefer it to strait gray.

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