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From time to time Tom posts car show... some excellent stuff...

I'm not interested in garage queens (no offence)...

I like small working fast trucks that can fly... called pro trucks (pick ups with 1000hp)

From a Baja 1000



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    Nice stuff, Rags. I really like the third shot. I recently got a ride in a serious contender in this type of racing. The prodigious power they can make, while impressive, is not something new to me. What really blew me away was the technology and hardware behind the amazing suspension travel ( and durability ) incorporated in these vehicles. Make no mistake.....when being really pushed hard, it's a wild ride in one of these things. But I was constantly on the verge of disbelief as to how well the truck I was in could handle some god-awful terrain and survive. I can sure understand your affinity for this type of activity.

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    I envy you Tom, I would love to have run around in one of these.

    I talked to a NASCAR pro driver at a social event that took a ride ride in one and was impressed with leaving the ground to a height of 8' +/- and landing IN CONTROL... Awesome

    thanks for the visit

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    I really want a Raptor, altho I must admit I have no real need of one. But they do look like they would be a lot of fun, until the bills came due.

    You got more shots of the Baja?? Lets see?um!!

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    One from Vegas to Reno... Pushed by a Pro truck with the kiss technique..

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