User forced to accept checkbox even if they don't want or need to

mcavagnaromcavagnaro Registered Users Posts: 3 Beginner grinner

I would like to report the following issue:

- Under Account Settings -> Business -> Getting Paid, click on 'Manage' for "Tax & Payment Info" and fill out the form.
- User is taken to a confirmation page (the one with the photo of smiling Toni). Click on the 'Account settings' link at the top of the page to return to Account Settings.
- Click 'Save and Exit' to leave the Account Settings page. The user is prompted to accept the terms and conditions for sales tax before they can save and exit, even if they have not provided any sales tax info and they likely do not wish to agree to whatever terms that involves.

I realize hitting 'Cancel' instead of 'Save and Exit' will take the user away from this page with the same effect, but it may be confusing because the user may believe that hitting cancel will cancel the tax and payment info they provided... and they really *do* want to save and exit, so I think that button should work as expected.


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