A Back Road, along a Blue Highway

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I always enjoy driving the blue highways whenever I am headed to a destination when time is not of the essence. I often find very interesting subjects, in some of the least likely places.

The following images are from a trip I took recently, where stopping for lunch at a corner cafe, in a town that was just a turn-off along a blue highway, brought me to a firetruck that had served its community well in years gone bye.

Maybe these images are not exactly of a "journey" but more of what one encounters along the way, while enjoying the journey.

I wanted to communicate the feeling of "time passing bye" with the subject and the image. Thus, the post-processing, artistic application of PS in images #1 and #2, an attempt to capture this passage of time.

Hope you enjoy them. As always, C&C welcomed and appreciated.

Image #1

Image #2

Image #3

Image #4

Image #5

Best to all!


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    Love No. 5, followed by 2. The first image, while a fine looking truck with great rust, has that unfortunate background. When I'm in the same boat, I'll use a wider stop and try to get only the front in of the vehicle in focus.

    I'm liking the post processing, which serves the subject well in this case. Old vehicles are always interesting, and fire trucks moreso.

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    Blue Highways, I love that kind of stuff too. Old rusty trucks, old motorcycles, old tractors and farm implements.

    I think the first image needs to be shot from way down low, or something to deal with the background, unless the background was unimportant facet of the image. Here is just seems to be distracting.

    I like #5 the best also. Good composition with clean image borders, and some strong diagonal lines.

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    Thank you David and Pathfinder, I appreciate your feedback.

    YES, I agree about the background in #1. Hindsight is always much more accurate and revealing. I should have gotten much lower or focused on the front of the vehicle.
    There was a tree growing through the center floorboard so I suspect that other than focusing on the front of the vehicle, I might have had to deal with some type of tree in the frame issue.

    Great suggestions, thanks again for your feedback/comments!

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