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I have been using smugmug now for 10 years and it has been about 10 years that I have been a member of the Digital Grin forum. Over the years my business has changed and I have changed service providers. To keep up with the changes I would like to change my username and email address to reflect my current status. I have created a new Digital Grin account which of course does not indicate my badges or comments to the forum. Can I transfer the information associated with this user account to the new account.



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    Hmmm...can't imagine why you'd want a new user name. ;) I'm afraid we no longer have the ability to merge accounts. However, you could change your email address yourself in the old account by editing your profile. Then we could change the username. There are a couple of little gotchas along the way, so send me a PM if you want to proceed and I'll try to help.

    Edit: I think this should be fairly easy. Check the PM I sent you.

  • RichardRichard Administrators, Vanilla Admin Posts: 19,786 moderator

    I think you should be all set. Give a shout if anything looks wrong.

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