Colour correction option with Loxley Colour

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Being in the UK I use Loxley as the print lab since that's the only option and I use the colour correction option that is offered at £1. However, it seems to make no difference to the price whether I use that option or not. If I buy a 9x6 for myself it costs £1.40 (not that I would buy one because they are only £0.35 with most other labs) but I am wondering why the price does not change whether I use it or don't use it?


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    Hmm, it may be that they no longer charge the £1 for colour correction. I see it's a free option if you were buying a print from them direct from their own site

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    Towards the beginning of March, we updated the Loxley pricelists with the change that colour correction was no longer an additional charge. :)

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