Texas Red Wasp Grooming

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edited March 29, 2017 in Holy Macro

This guy was grooming itself like a cat, and I was trying my new DIY diffuser and I am pleased with this first try


  • Lord VetinariLord Vetinari Smugbug Posts: 15,137Registered Users Major grins
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    Lovely series, diffusion working well !
    Yes many bugs seem to groom like cats but I'm not sure if they are licking their legs or feeding on what they just brushed off (or perhaps both). Hoverflies certainly do feed on pollen sometimes by dipping their front legs in and then licking them off.

    Brian V.

  • GattoGatto Major grins Posts: 307Registered Users Major grins

    Thank you Brian, I am trying to get the same exposure and light you get on your amazing shots, now that i like the diffuser i will have to start playing with the settings and diffuser position

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