Turn on Proof Delay by default?

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I'm so frustrated that I need to remember Proof Delay every time I create a Gallery, or un-hide a Gallery, or convert a Gallery from one that wasn't for-sale to one that is... I know about Quick Settings, I know how to change settings. I know, I know, I know... I just want it to be easier! I always want Proof Delay. Can I make that the Default for my smugmug site?


  • NimaiNimai Registered Users Posts: 562 Major grins

    Another thing I need to remember: photos gathered using Smart Rules use the Proof Delay from the gallery they come from, not the one they're sold from. It's a lot to have to keep track of.

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    Hello there,

    There is not a way to set up proof delay as a default in the gallery settings. As you mentioned, quick settings is the best option...also, images are collected into smart galleries, indeed, so the original gallery's settings apply to those photos.

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