Took a Class & Tried New Stuff

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I recently had the pleasure of taking a portrait class with Victoria Will and a natural light class with Me Ra Koh. Wow! Both of these ladies ROCK! If you ever have a chance to take one of their workshops, go for it!

I have a few favorites from the weekend. The first three are from Victoria Will's class. The rest are from my day with Me Ra Koh.

  1. This one shot with a shoot-through umbrella.

  2. This one shot with a silver reflector.

  3. This one shot outside, backlit with the sunset and using a strobe with a small beauty dish (I think)

  4. This one is a natural light portrait edited using Topaz Adjust.

  5. Natural light portrait of Mom & Baby

  6. Another Mom & Baby, also natural light

I really liked both of these classes. In other workshops that I have taken, the instructors would show us a set-up and then have us shoot THEIR set-up. These instructors told us about the set-up options, showed us variations, and then told us to pick a light and modifier (or go find a window), grab a model and go do it ourselves. I think I learned a lot more this way. At least I know I can duplicate the results!!!

I also took a landscape class to complete the weekend, but we had bad storms come through and weren't able to get out and shoot. :'(

Now I feel inspired to go do some shooting. Maybe I can find a willing target...er, model...for this weekend. ;)

Feedback appreciated.

Sherry P.

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