Please fix all the visibility issues with font colors when posting in DGrin!!

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Please please (unless I'm missing a helpful setting that's been added!) ... You guys absolutely must fix this site before more of us go insane. This box (every not-yet-posted-comment box) that I'm writing in has a font that's in such a light grey that I can barely see it at all. It's horrible... almost like writing blind. Same when I'm writing the title, or even if I quote someone else. This really shouldn't be so hard to fix, right?

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    I see medium dark grey on a white background when I type a post. The text should be RGB 136, 136, 136, which is roughly medium grey. Does yours display lighter than that?

    An alternative to using the default text box is to click on the double arrow on the top far right side of the text box. That should open up a black on white or a light grey on black larger text box.

    Please check to see if you can use that instead. Hope this tip helps.

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