RESULTS Mini-Challenge 244: The moon or moonlit nightscenes

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Thanks all for entering in this mini-challenge, and it must have been a challenge with only 7 participants (of which 1 out of competition)

Some comments:
Sarasphotos, I really liked "Moon over Lake Garda, Italy", very nice composition and moody atmosphere. I will award it a honorable mention.
JAG, thanks for entering, even when they are "out of competition", all nice shots and the first is my favourite of the set
Cavalier, Nice moon close-ups. The first is the most exciting and special.
GrandmaR, I'm very taken by "Moon Rise over the Patuxent", lots to see and the light reflection gives it something extra. You get 3rd prize for that.
Gatto, Great diversity in your set, I immediately liked SUPER MOON Ascending in Las Vegas, very well timed shot. You get 2nd prize for that
sapphire73, The first is great, the moving clouds give it a special sinister mood. I'll award it an honorable mention, The third is very recognisable for me, very close to (my) home.
GSPeP, Your shot "Going to the moon" is breathtaking, the detail and grey tones on the plane make it special and the overall composition is nice and dynamic. Therefore it gets FIRST PRIZE

So congrats, and looking forward to what you can dream up for our next mini-challenge.

Pieter, aka pegelli
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