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I've had someone I know buy a couple of digital downloads from me along with paper prints in the same order. It says order shipped but she is asking me how she will get the download, will I email it or what happens she says. This isn't a problem as I know the girl and am quite happy to email them to her, she has paid for them anyway. I think she must have clicked the download button or link or whatever it is but failed to save the files, I have no idea how it works as never bought one myself but I am wondering does the person have access to download it again for free or what? I had a woman buy 2 downloads from me once that she had no idea how to download so never actually downloaded although she paid for them and I see that it still says in the sales history 'Order Accepted' rather than 'Order Shipped'. I knew that woman too and sorted it for her as well by emailing her the images plus I sent her prints too for good measure but if for example she wanted to go back and download them how would she go about that?


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    Hello there,

    I took a screenshot for you of the email we send as soon as an order is placed, screenshot:

    The easiest way to download single photo downloads is via the order confirmation email. Your customers can simply click on the links in the email and the photos will download to their computers. There's also a green 'VIEW YOUR ORDER ONLINE' button, which will redirect your customers to their orders, from where, they can also download the photos or galleries. They'll just need to log into the order, first. The order remains in our system, so your customers can access it anytime and download the images from there!

    We can resend the order confirmation email to the email address which was used when the order was submitted, so next time you'd need help, just email us and we'll resend the confirmation email to your customer :)

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    Thanks for that info. I see on the screen shot there are a few options for the customer (low res, original etc), are all the options available to them on all digital downloads, are they able to download all sizes? I wouldn't want them downloading a low res then complaining it was poor quality when they put it on canvas or whatever.

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    In Bea's example, she was showing what the email would look like for each size available. Your customer will only receive the size you offer and they purchase. If you offer all 4 available sizes for purchase, it's possible they could try to purchase the small ones and try to print them. The web size will not print well at all. If they try to print that, we often hear back from them. Refunds are not provided on digital downloads without talking to the pro, except if they do contact us, and they purchase the larger size, we will help then by refunding the purchase of the smaller size since they came back and bought the larger size image after all. During the selection process, the customer can see what each size is intended for as far as printing or print size. :)

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