Profoto B1 and the Sekonic 478dr

vdotmatrixvdotmatrix Registered Users Posts: 343 Major grins

Does anyone know if this light meter will control this light?


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    ziggy53ziggy53 Super Moderators Posts: 23,902 moderator
    edited April 8, 2017

    It would be best to get in touch with both Profoto and Sekonic directly and ask each of them your question to get a definitive answer.


    Sekonic support is through the MAC Group e-mail, info@macgroupus.com

    I believe that Sekonic simply has not developed a Sekonic 478DR-U meter with a compatible transceiver for the Profoto wireless "Air System" protocol. (I would be very happy to be proven wrong.)

    From this Sekonic web page: http://www.sekonic.com/l-478/

    "... wireless flash triggering and power control in the L-478DR-U (for PocketWizard), L-478DR-U-EL (For Elinchrom Skyport) models and flash triggering and Channel/Group control for the L-478DR-U-PX (for Phottix Strato)."

    ziggy note: ^^ None of these are protocol compatible with the Profoto wireless "Air System".

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    Cygnus StudiosCygnus Studios Registered Users Posts: 2,294 Major grins

    Set your sekonic to manual metering "Cordless Flash Mode". Should work ???? At least it works that way with my profoto d2 lights.


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    vdotmatrixvdotmatrix Registered Users Posts: 343 Major grins

    thanks ziggy

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    vdotmatrixvdotmatrix Registered Users Posts: 343 Major grins

    cygnus.....my lightmettr has the ability to CONTROL the flash exposure from the meter...thanks

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