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While a little over the top, the paragraph below is genuine feedback from a mother of a groom. I recall there have been improvements made over the last couple of years, but really wish there was the option of a simple print ordering system that made the process much quicker and easier for clients to use.

I've cut the print products and sizes offered to a bare minimum, if anyone has any ideas how I can simplify further I'm all ears.

**"It is a confusing site and at last I can see where I went wrong. It was not pressing shipping and then an American form came up for my address and I filled it in and just continued.
I would not use this site for any business of mine as it is so confusing and normally when you press buy you get an invoice. This site is so complicated. Nice to pick out the weddings and look at the pictures. That is well done but the buying bit is so difficult and confusing, I am so determined that I kept on trying but a lot of people will just not bother." **

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    Hey Psenior1,

    Thank you very much for your forwarding this feedback to us. I am going to send it to our product team.

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