HIghlands or Lowlands, 1st week of May in Scotland?

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Thought about piggy backing on the previous thread, decided to start a new one. We'll have three days in Scotland, the first week of May, exclusive of travel (we'll be starting and ending in Edinburgh, but with three full days in the middle to explore, with nearly a full 4th day to get back to Edinburgh. Would like to do hiking and photography. I've figured out that planning on hiking Ben Nevis would probably not be a good idea because the weather in the Spring is too unpredictable, and we might not have the necessary equipment.

Does anyone here know if the highlands be greening up and flowering in early May, or should we head south of Edinburgh for scenery? Hiking in Glencoe has long been a dream, but if early May is not the right time (although, I gather it's a good time to avoid the midges), I could let that wait for another visit. It will be approaching the full moon again, so sites for astrophotography or the northern lights won't factor in very much.

Yeah, if you recognize the avatar, new user name.
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