Help for site viewers - confused with nested folders

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I got my site up and running a few days ago and invited several friends, both photographers and non- photographers - to look at it.
One place several people got confused had to do with nested folders. I have 3 main categories. Viewers all knew to click on one - let's say landscape. Once there, they see 6 icons. 5 are for galleries. A viewer clicks on one and sees images. The problem is with the 6th icon - it is a folder and inside it are 2 galleries. Viewers often thought this was a gallery with only 2 images in it.
Have others faced this problem? The only solution I know would be to remove the folder and put those 2 nested galleries on the same level as the other 5.
Any ideas?! First photo - shows what you see - viewer thinks all are galleries but first is a folder.

Second folder shows what you see when you click the folder. Viewer thinks there are 2 photos but actually there are 2 galleries


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