Some JuCo and NAIA baseball shots this spring


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    OK - First, get rid of the annoying watermark. Very distracting. Shots 1,3 and 4 have nice timing on them. I think your exposure is good in these and the fielding shots are framed very well. The big problem with these images is a lack of sharpness / detail. They seem like heavy crops. Or, it could just be re-size for posting. It's good that the final image has action filling the frame, but at least in this post the final images lack necessary sharpness. The batting shots are rather boring - especially compared to the fielding shots. First, the catcher adds nothing to the shots - we know there's a catcher there so he doesn't add "context". Getting ball in frame shots with batters is a nice timing exercise but with jundreds of pitches, it's tough for the final shot to really stand out as compelling. It's like a serve in volleyball. That's not to say a shot of a batter can't be compellign - just like a rare volleyball serve can be compelling. Similar to a QB throwing a ball - happens a lot. So, when an activity happens so frequently, the challenge is - what makes a photo of it compelling?

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