Egret and Heron in their Environment

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A few shots taken from a small boat -- ugh, very difficult but so fun. The egret shots can be sharper but they are so flighty. Notice the poor Heron in no. 4 - he must have been attacked -- possibly by a coyote as we see quite a few walking the shore line.







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    Fab Anna Maria! I was enjoying second and third, but last one made my day! Perfect setup that!

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    Great. I fave the fourth. Is there a special reason for the composition of 3 and 5? To me it is a little unaccustomed with more space behind the birds and a minor space in the looking direction.

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    Thank you for your comments and qr/suggestion. Generally I crop wildflowers and birds with a square for greeting cards, sometimes leaving space for verbiage if needed. You are correct that the bird should be overlooking more of domain; and that is in the original. Unfortunately it was far enough away that I had to crop. I'll go back and show the overlook more. Thank you.

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