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I remember reading that the "new" app for Smugmug / Lightroom integration eliminated the problem of duplicate photo uploads. I couldn't find that statement on a quick search, maybe it was in an email, but in any case, it's a good idea, that my memory tells me that SmugMug has implemented.

This is an issue for me as I tend to organize my Lightroom "galleries" by major subject, which results in some duplication of images. That takes no noticeable space on my Mac since the extra copies are just links in collections. I also like to have highlight smart galleries on SmugMug for visitors to just see the best images of a general subject. That hits the rocks when an image is duplicated across multiple galleries. Those images show up multiple times in my highlights real, which looks awful.

I had expected the new app to "magically" create links on SmugMug when asked to upload duplicate images. I don't see the links when I look behind the scenes on SmugMug, I just see the same image duplicated in galleries that match my Lightroom config. Am I doing it wrong?


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    Our Windows, Android, and iOS apps will avoid uploading duplicates but that also means that the gallery where the duplicate would occur, just doesn't get the photo. We do not create a "Collected" image (virtual copy, or 'magic' link) when we detect a duplicate. That's certainly a feature request we could add: "Do Nothing" or "Collect Image" when we detect one.

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